• How many bikes can EarthBike deploy per city?

    This varies by the size and density of a city. When we partner with a city, EarthBike designs and executes an on-the-ground operation plan that is specifically tailored to each community. We want to integrate, not overwhelm, into existing transportation designs.

  • How is EarthBike different from existing bike sharing networks?

    The majority of existing bike sharing networks have fixed docking stations - permanently installed bike racks spread out over a city These cost cities millions of dollars to maintain and operate, so stations are few and far between. Additionally, limited bikes means a cap on the number of available bikes and higher costs for the users. We believe there’s a better way- by partnering with local governments and stakeholders, EarthBike eliminates docking stations, creating a broadly distributed system, with bikes that are more accessible and affordable to all.

  • How do I end a ride?

    First, please make sure you’re parking in a safe, appropriate location. Dockless bike shares only work if we all take responsibility and park in places that don’t block car traffic, impede pedestrian access, or encroach on private property.

  • How do I reserve a bike?

    Unfortunately you can’t reserve a bike. We decided early on to make EarthBike first come, first serve. So if you see a nearby bike on the map, it’s yours to ride!

  • Where does EarthBike operate?

    EarthBike provides the most affordable and city-friendly bike sharing network available. We aim to improve urban mobility and reduce congestion, unshackled from public subsidies for operation and expensive docking stations.